The only known A magnificent illyrian golden funerary mask.


A magnificent illyrian golden funerary mask, from Trebenishte an ancient necropolis located in North Macedonia, dating from the Iron Age around the 7th century BC. It is located near the town of Ohrid. It is believed that the necropolis was used by the people from the ancient town of Lychnidos. A corrupt passage from Greek historian Strabo suggests that the Peresadyes and the Illyrian tribe of the Enchelei allied to create a new state in the area of modern Ohrid. 
The discovery of the treasures of Trebenista village in 1918, located on the road from Ohrid to Kicevo, was like something out of a movie : ancient graves loaded with gold and silver, burial gifts fit for a king. The site of Trebenista with necropolis, that dates from the 7th – 4th centuries BC was discovered by Bulgarian soldiers. Trebeniste Necropolis is regarded as one of the most interesting archaeological sites from the Iron age on the Balkan Peninsula. Fifty six tombs were discovered of which most significant and the oldest are the 12 princely tombs, a whole dynasty that was buried with all the marks of their power. Four golden burial masks, sandals, golden gloves, gold, silver, and bronze vessels and jewelry and rosettes have been discovered on three male and one female skeleton in Trebenista village.
The masks placeed on the face or heands of deceased were part of a ritual to make them immortal.
Trebeniste site finds are housed in the Archaeological Museums in Ohrid, Sofia and Belgrade. Trebeniste necropolis remains today one of the most important archaeological finds in Macedonia, and a vivid reminder of the style and sophistication of past cultures.

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