How to list coins or items in 2 minutes. ( When video starts, Choose 4K from Settings)

How to create shipping zones in less than a minute. ( When video starts, Choose 4K from Settings)




 How to make Photos that sell.



Appearances matter, and these tips can make your items look like a million bucks in cross platform  desktop and mobile buyers.


1. Use a plain, uncluttered background to make your item stand out.

Black background is perfect for Gold, White background is perfect for Silver and bronze. Red background (trays cloth) is hard to use if you photograph your coins inside trays because Red color will interfere with Camera undertones since it is not a neutral color. Avoid red unless you have advanced knowledge in photography

2. Keep things steady. Use a tripod.

3. Take high-resolution photos so your coin will look attractive on screens big and small.

4. Fill the frame with your coin .

5. Photograph your item from both sides, and capture its details.


Listings with better photo quality are 15% more likely to sell.



Cell Phone photo tips.



Get a professional look with your cell phone.

1. Keep the lens clean. Use lens cleaning solution with a soft cloth or even a T-shirt in a pinch.

2. Check your settings.

Make sure your camera is set to the highest resolution.

3. Turn off the flash.

Shadows, reflections, and greyness will make your photos less attractive.

4. Minimize camera movement.

Place the camera on a flat surface to keep the photo crisp.

5. Consider third-party camera apps.

Many allow you to capture more detailed photos and edit them.

New Feature 360 degree Photos


This is the most amazing new feature we have. To be able to use 360 degree photos you must have some advanced knowledge in photography. In a nutshell, you do photos with tripod same coin around, you upload them and after you select 360.

Program automatically will create a loop.


New Feature 360 degree Photos/ aka Videos.


Use Your phone to do short videos 5-10 seconds to show the toning of coins. Choose a well light area. You can upload those videos in your listing.

Videos are very important because they give the real feeling of your items.

Best way to add you video is to upload it on our Facebook page or youtube, our team will upload that link in your listing.


This is a short guide how to do 360 degree videos that sell with only your phone.



Things you need.

  1. Flashlights with 24 leds each value $5-$7                                               


  1. Solar Powered Rotating Showcase Display Stand for Jewelry, value $2-$5
  2. Molding dough, value $4-$5                                                                   



  1. A Folding Photo Studio Kit Box with LED Light. Value $10-$15       


  1. A good camera that can record high quality video.
  2. If you use your phone you need a 6.5” inch Flexible Tripod with Universal Mount for All phones. Value $10


For our project, to show you how to improvise with common household, We used for camera, Samsung Galaxy S7 .Instead of Studio, we used a cardboard box with white paper.

Step one. Take a small piece of dough, make it round in your palm and press it with an object to flat it out.

Step two. Place the  dough in the middle of rotating display and place the coin carefully in center.

Step three. Cover the flash lights with Baking paper or if you can’t find baking paper, use regular white printer paper Fix the light position from both sides.


Step four. Come closer as posible to the coin, if you use your phone this is a must. DO NOT ZOOM. Phones have digital zoom and it will ruin video with pixels.


Step five. Crop the video in your phone to have both sides of the phone and upload that video on our Facebook page (guests post section) since we have thousands of active followers or you can do it in your facebook  or your youtube channel.

Step six.  Send us the video link and we will upload it for you.

Notes. Facebook is much better since you can connect  with active collectors. If don’t have any of these options available, send us the video with dropbox and we will upload in our official Facebook page.


Note. Listings with good quality videos have 30% more chances to sell.



This video is done with Samsung Galaxy s7 and the settings we described.

Click on the photo to see how this listing with video looks like.

We would like to thanks World Known photographer Gavin from UK for creating this technique for us, to help our seller without advanced knowledge in photography

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