Ancient Roman, Greek and Modern Mosaics

  • Dolphins Mosaic

    Sold By: Hadriansmosaics

    This mosaic shows two dolphins facing each other separated by a trident. This piece has been created following the opus vermiculatum technique with white limestone tiles and marbles in green, brown, pink and red tones. Dimensions are 45cm width by 23cm height including the stone frame.

    Inspired by the mosaic found in Cartago dated in the IV century AC. The original can be found in the British Museum in London.

    Sold By: Hadriansmosaics

    Dolphins Mosaic

  • The Personification of Rome. Real Mosaic Diameter 66cm. From Spanish Artist Angel Martinez

    Sold By: Hadriansmosaics

    This mosaic of the personification of Rome has been created with the Opus Teselatum technique. Diameter 66cm. Materials used on this piece are white limestone and marble in grey, black, green, red, yellow and pink tones. The average of the tiles dimensions is around 7mm each, making the mosaic full of details and a hard-worked piece of art. This is an unique copy and all the tiles has been meticulously cut by hand.

    The Rome personification Mosaic has been inspired by the original founded nearby Cartago. The original piece is dated between I and II centuries AC. It’s part of the period when Cartago was Roman and we can appreciate the tribute of the “Dea Roma”, winner of the Punic Wars between Romans and Cartagens.

    The original can be found in the Collection Fund in the Brooklyn Museum.



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