Ancient coins from 300AD through Constantine XI in 1453 AD.

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    Byzantine Empire Alexius III. 1195-1203 AD AE Trachy

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    Alexius III was a corrupt and ineffective leader, who plundered the empire for taxes and ever trying to advance the social standing of himself and his wife. He fled Constantinople in 1203, after a siege by the forces of the Fourth Crusade.

    Alexius III 1195-1203 AD. AE Trachy. Constantinople. KE ROHQEI around, IC-XC to left and right of nimbate bust of Christ facing, right hand raised, holding scroll in left / ALEZIW DECP TW KOMNHNW, theta-WL to right, Alexius, crowned, and St Constantine, nimbate, each wearing divitision and loros, each holding a labarum and the two holding a patriarchal cross on globe between them. SB 2013, BMC 20ff.

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