All dealers of ancient and modern coins at pledge to conduct themselves as follows:

To guarantee the authenticity of all items offered for sale, and never knowingly to sell a copy, forgery, imitation, restruck or altered item, unless it is clearly identified as such.

Should a dispute in authenticity arise, items should be returned to the firm from which they were originally purchased for re-examination of authenticity pursuant to the terms of purchase.

Any item later found to be a counterfeit will be refunded to the original buyer for the amount of the original purchase price. A claim may be excluded from consideration if alterations to the original condition or packaging of the item(s) sold have been made without prior agreement of the seller, since this could result in a lowering of the value of those item(s), and/or in damaging of the rights of the seller towards either the consignor or the previous seller of the item(s), or any third party.

To guarantee that good title accompanies all items sold, and never knowingly to deal in any item stolen from a public or private collection or reasonably suspected to be the direct product of an illicit excavation, and to conduct business in accordance with the laws of the countries in which they do business.

To describe numismatic items accurately. Not intentionally defame the character of any competitors or the quality of their products.

ACM on its sole discretion, serve the right to remove every seller that violate this Code.

This policy is effective from August 01, 2019

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